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We carry a wide selection of monuments, headstones, memorials, bronze plaques and much more. Did we mention that we specialize in customization? 

Monuments & Headstones & Wyckoff Township, NJ

Regardless of whether you are eager to design a plaque, a marker, a monument or another type of memorial, we are your trusted and dependable dealer in the local area to turn to. We understand your desire to create a timeless piece that is impressively customized specifically for an intended purpose. Our team takes the important step of using only the highest quality materials for our products, and these are all American-made or sourced materials.

To further ensure exceptional results and to keep our rates competitive, we complete all customization work in-house. With a closer look, you will find that we have the design and customization options necessary to create a piece that you will love.

Types of Monuments We Offer

We have an extensive range of monument designs and customization options for you to choose from. Browsing through our in-store displays is a wonderful way for you to learn more about the possibilities available to you through our company.

It also gives you the opportunity to admire the exceptional materials and superior craftsmanship that we are known for.

Custom Memorials in Wyckoff Township, NJ

Memorials are typically used for personal, corporate and public or civic purposes. With our high-quality materials and our many customization options, there is no request for memorial customization services that we cannot handle. A private memorial may be used as a tribute to a lost family member or as a remembrance for a family pet.

A civic monument or memorial could be used to memorialize a special event or a place of historical significance. Even corporations, charitable organizations and others may have a need or desire for the creation of a special memorial. For example, a corporation may create a memorial or monument to honor a founder or another important person in the company’s history.

Types of Plaques Made Out of Bronze

We are also your source for bronze plaques, which provide you with an excellent way to commemorate a special event, a loved one or something else.

Our plaques can be customized precisely to your specifications. We are eager to meet with you soon so that we can create a plaque that lives up to your high expectations.

Customized Bronze Plaques by Color, Shape and Size

Bronze is an excellent material to use to create durable plaques because of its longevity as well as because the many possibilities for customization. We will engrave your unique message and graphics onto the plaque using expert craftsmanship.

The plaque can be tailored to fit your needs through your selection of color, shape and size. Rest assured that we strive to impress you with a lovely plaque that is the timeless tribute.

Special Plaque Styles

Plaques can be used for a wide range of purposes, and one of the more common purposes is as a marker. To ensure that you are not limited in the area of design possibilities, we offer five marker styles. These are upright, beveled, flush, slanted and ledge-style.

During your time in our shop, you can view samples of these plaque styles in person so that you can make a thoughtful decision.

Our Past Work

Areas We Cover in Wyckoff Township, NJ

Monument, Memorial and Plaque Refinishing and Restoration Services in Wyckoff Township, NJ

Many of our NJ customers who stop by our shop or browse through our products and services online are eager to design new memorials, such as a plaque or a monument. Some customers inquire about recreating an older or damaged plaque or monument so that it can have a like-new appearance.

While completely replacing the piece is one idea, another idea to restore the piece. Our quality restoration services can erase many signs of damage, such as damage caused by exposure to the elements or related to age. Our restoration service is an excellent alternative to a full replacement, and it enables you to preserve the history of the original piece.

Mausoleum Design & Building Services in Wyckoff Township, NJ

When a loved one passes away, you understandably want to create a beautiful memorial that honors the life that was lived. We can design and build a custom mausoleum that honors your loved one and that also serves as an excellent memorial for friends and family to visit. For all monument, memorial and plaque needs in NJ, contact us today for assistance.

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